Shifting the 1950 Kenworth

It was a 1954 Kenworth with 200 cumin’s had a 5 speed main and 3 speed brownie and year was 1956, Dad had a auto car 1949, had international 1950, we haul produce into L.A market and oranges, and lemons to harbor and honey to S.F. Driving starts at 3:24 Some of the specs: Kenworth CD-521 Year 1952 (50 in papers) 32 inch "coffin sleeper" Dual 7 inch pipes Spicer 16 speed gearbox (4x4 married) Dana rear ends Cummins 335 (855ci) Disclaimers/To know: *The doll on the right is a Wackel-Elvis google it. *The revolver is fake, and is only there for show. *This is not in the United States *This was before I knew correctly how to drive and I still had alot to learn. Driving around for fun!

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