Amazing Peterbilt 379 Truck Making Jake Brake is Gonna Make You Have So Much Fun

18 seconds. What happens in 18 seconds? What can be changed? What can you do in 18 seconds? Let us say! Nothing and so many things. But, today we're going to do one single thing in 18 seconds. We're getting so much fun! Just lean back and click on today's video! Watching this ultra short but totally worthwhile video, you're going to see a Peterbilt 379 truck, which is technically a Diesel powered two- door Class 8 truck manufactured by Peterbilt first in 1987 and last in 2007. The video shows us this badass truck while making a Jake Brake. The Jake Brake, compression release engine brake, allows large vehicles to descend long and steep grades at a controlled speed. As you also will agree, there are only few things that sound as sexy as a Jake Brake on this amazing Peterbilt 379 truck. It's not something you can hear every day so just relax turn the volume on and enjoy this pleasing sound!

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