Extreme Dangerous Huge Wood Logging Truck Driving Skill, Amazing Heavy Equipment Operator Truck

Logging truck drivers are responsible for safely transporting logs from forest skid sites to ports, mills, or intermediate destinations such as rail yards. Roading contractors in the forest also require truck drivers, primarily to deliver the stone used to build roads and landing sites. Transporting forestry machines also necessitates the use of specialized drivers. Although no academic qualifications are required, truck drivers must follow the NZTA driving license pathway, first obtaining a learner license, then gaining experience, and finally obtaining a full license in the appropriate class for the kind and weight of the vehicle they will be driving. This is a Class 5 license for most forestry-related work. (For more information, go to the NZTA website.) Trucking on forest roads and with large loads needs a great deal of effort and attention to detail. Some mechanical knowledge will be beneficial, and drivers must be dependable, as well as safe and courteous on the road. The job may require early mornings and long days. You might be able to get a trainee position with a large trucking company that has a full driver-training program. The NZQA Level 3 certificate in Log Transportation by Road is one of the qualifications available. Certificates at the fourth level in specialized fields. The Land Transport Safety Council’s Pathway to Success program has awarded us four levels of accreditation. MITO is the trucking industry’s training organization. More information about their log-truck driver training programs may be found here. Other log-truck training programs are listed in the Forestry Training Stocktake resource. Drivers on a salary can go to owning their own trucks and perhaps running their own haulage company. Mechanical engineers can also work in logistics and fleet management for large trucking companies. In the video below, you can see Extreme’s Huge Wood Logging Truck Driving S, Amazing Heavy Equipment Operator Truck. Thank you for visiting our website! We hope you found something that sparked interest on our website.

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