I am 31 Years Old Own A Fleet Of 6 Semi Trucks Take A Ride In My 1988 Stretched Out Peterbilt 379

I'm 31 Years Old & Own A Fleet Of 6 Semi Trucks, Take A Ride In My 1988 Stretched Out Peterbilt 379 Thumbnail Credit: Cody Pride! Follow him@ https://instagram.com/codypride?igshid=1pnrdln3nt4q5 Driving? Listen@ https://anchor.fm/the-asian-mai-show/episodes/The-Owner-Of-Jocelyn-Transport-Takes-Us-On-A-Ride-In-His-Stretched-Out-1988-Peterbilt-To-Deliver-e10ak1i For information about financing your first semi truck or trailer? I have videos that will help you get the information you need! Click?? https://www.thefundingbooth.com/muthatrucker Hey Mutha Truckers! I worked a deal with the Meca Chrome Shop. For The Asian Mai Show Subscribers only! Any truck accessories that you need. Meca will give you the best discount possible to Mutha Truckers. Just ask for Mike and they will hook you up! They ship all across the nation. Call Mike@  9547918355. ***Disclaimer*** I am not making money from this. I just want to bring as much value to the show as possible. https://www.mecatruckchrome.com/ Follow The Asian Mai Show for information about trucking. We provide interviews, paystubs, and inside information that will help you in your trucking career from buying/financing a truck or trailer to find a trucking school or job that is going to get you to your next level in trucking. https://theasianmaishow.com/ For information about Semi Truck or Trailers? My partner and I have a trucking dealership in Texas and can help you find your first truck. https://www.truckmiser.com/ Music by Audio Library

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