Semi-Truck Drags Parked Car - NE 60th & Hassalo - Portland, OR

A parked SUV in a space that the neighborhood had previously requested be removed gave today's truck drive the impression that the turn had to be made very wide. It is possible that the truck could have made the turn today with more care, but had the SUV not been parked there, it would have been a far easier maneuver. The Rose City Park Neighborhood Association Land Use and Transportation Committee (RCPNA LUTC) has worked with the City to make some minor improvements to this intersection (the removal of some parking spaces to increase visibility and navigability), but more work needs to be done. There were no injuries from this incident. The truck drivers were cooperative and, after parking further up the road, waited until the situation was resolved. The police were able to contact the wife of the owners of the car and one came to unlock and steer it so it could be pushed.

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