Building a Kenworth K100 Semi Truck in 10 MINUTES

This K100 hasn't ran in 25 years. We add a 13 speed Eaton, a longer frame & heavier axles! Subscribe to @DGHD Watch next, "Will a 2-Stroke Detroit Diesel Run on 20 Year Old Fuel?" Thanks to our partners & sponsors for making this happen! We are leveraging our partnerships with preferred automotive brands to get you significant discounts on tools, conversion and performance parts that deliver across North America and around the world so you can save money on your projects. 0:00 Building a Semi Truck in 10 Minutes 0:45 Fuel Injection Pump 2:21 First Start 2:47 T800 Frame 2:55 Media Blasting 3:09 Painting the Frame 3:20 Engine Removal 3:34 Cab Removal 3:53 Priming the Cab 4:26 Front Axle Swap 4:52 10 Rims & Tires 5:10 Brakes 5:19 Air Bag Suspension 5:48 Fuel Tank Repair 6:13 Paint & Vinyl 6:35 Windshield Glass 6:49 Mounting the Cab 7:00 Headache Light Rack 7:39 Running Air Lines 8:05 Battery Boxes 8:24 Lights 8:42 Intake & Exhaust 8:54 3406b Engine Install 9:12 Eaton 13 speed 9:24 Shortening Drive Shaft 9:42 Air Dryer 9:45 Intake 10:03 Front Bumper 10:11 Fenders 10:20 Air System 10:25 Final Touches 10:35 Tail Lights 10:47 Interior Detail 11:20 First Drive About: From American Muscle to Classics to Diesels, DG will show you how to build, swap, and repair anything with a throttle.

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